#01. Joe Minicozzi

At our first of eight events, we learned how leading economist Joe Minicozzi is using simple math to guide the reshaping of urban spaces to honor historical and environmental values while creating prosperity and driving social equity.


#02. Andrew Howard

At our second of eight talks we learned how Andrew Howard of Team Better Block is working to  strengthen the connection between people and the places they share through Community Placemaking, a hands-on approach to collectively reimagining and then re-shaping public spaces at the heart of the community. 


#03. Svante Myrick

At our third talk we heard from Svante Myrick the Mayor of Ithaca NY, about how his city is addressing everything from housing affordability to decaying infrastructure to panhandling. Adopting form-based code, investing in the revitalization of the downtown commons, and creating innovative incentives has led to economic growth, thriving public spaces, and lower individual tax rates.



At our fourth talk we heard from Emily Talen, professor of Urbanism at the University of Chicago, about how to create equitable growth. Professor Talen is a national leader in Urban design and development and she will talk about the impact the built environment has on affordability and diversity in cities. She will discuss strategies for accommodating density and encouraging walkable neighborhoods that are identifiable, serviced, diverse, and connected.


#05. entrepreneurship

Our fifth event featured a panel of local entrepreneurs who are growing their businesses in Burlington. We heard from Sascha Mayer of Mamava, Gary Margolis of Social Sentinel, Ethan Bechtel of OhMD, and Abbott Stark of Ogee, about the advantages and challenges of running a startup in Burlington. Cairn Cross from FreshTracks Capital moderated the All Star panel and drilled down on what we can do to make the Queen City an even better place to start and grow a business.