Organizations and initiatives promoting progress in BTV


Building Homes Together

Building Homes Together is a campaign to address the housing shortage in Chittenden County by building 3,500 homes, and 700 affordable homes, by 2021. The campaign is a collaboration between the Champlain Housing Trust, Housing Vermont and the Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission.


Community and Economic Development Office

The Community & Economic Development Office (CEDO) engages the community to build an equitable, healthy, safe, and vibrant city with opportunities for all. Their programs seek to foster economic vitality; preserve and enhance neighborhoods, quality of life and the environment; and promote equity and opportunity in Burlington.  CEDO works in partnership with citizens, the public and private sector, and other City departments to encourage a thriving business sector; foster job growth and employment opportunities; increase civic engagement; and support the delivery of human services.   


ECOS Project

The ECOS Project was designed to prioritize and implement regional sustainable community development initiatives in anticipation of future population growth. The three year collaboration between 19 municipalities and over 40 organizations culminated in the  ECOS Plan, a comprehensive outline for sustainable growth and a process for a broad community conversation about the future of our region.


plan btv

The Department of Planning & Zoning in partnership with other City, regional and state agencies has developed a wide range of plans that help assess future community needs and guide future public and private investments in fulfillment of the City's Master Plan. This includes Plan BTV Downtown & Waterfront, Plan BTV South End, Plan BTV Walk Bike, and Plan BTV Burlington Parks Master Plan.


Champlain Housing trust

The Champlain Housing Trust manages 2,200 apartments, stewards 565 owner-occupied homes in its signature shared-equity program, offers homebuyer education and financial fitness counseling, provides services to five housing cooperatives, and offers affordable energy efficiency and rehab loans.


chittenden county regional planning commission

The CCRPC helps municipalities in our region by advising designs their Comprehensive Plans for future sustainable development in the area.  They are also responsible for  spearheading the creation and implementation of the ECOS Plan.


vermont natural resources council

The VNRC promotes smart growth approaches in cities and municipalities, in order to reduce sprawl and the negative impacts on the environment that are a result of building outside of our downtown.


northwestern vermont board of realtors

The Northwestern Vermont Board of Realtors lobbies for legislation that promotes more living affordability and downtown developments that facilitate a better housing economy.


housing vermont

Housing Vermont is Vermont’s largest developer of affordable housing. They are a partner in the Building Better Homes Together campaign, and promotes smart growth in municipalities due to the positive effects development can have on access to affordable housing.


burlington business association

The BBA advocates for a better climate to do business in the city. Including projects to redevelop areas inside Burlington, such as Burlington Town Center redevelopment and planBTV. These projects would create more availability and affordability for businesses to set up shop.


Great streets btv

This initiative is implementing the use of smart growth design strategies through various projects such as planBTV and the Waterfront Master Plan, to create and reinvent streets, sidewalks, and other infrastructure in the city to make them easier to use as well as more attractive and vibrant.


Together for progress

Together for Progress is a group of community activists working toward progress in downtown development in Burlington, especially for the Burlington Town Center Redevelopment. This is a partnership between the Burlington Business Association, AARP Vermont, Local Motion, Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission and the Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce


VT historic preservation

VT Historic Preservation keeps the aesthetic of Burlington intact while still raising capital for innovative projects that use our historic buildings in ways that help to develop Burlington.


vermont agency of commerce and community development

While working on myriad programs that advance the community and economic development in the state and Burlington area, the Agency of Commerce and Community Development also manages municipal planning grants and resources to help Burlington and other Vermont municipalities develop efficiently and in ways that work for everyone.


Local motion

Local Motion works to create a more bike-able and walk-able city by working with the city and its citizens to make our transportation more efficient and better designed. This means developing our streets and sidewalks in ways that align with smart growth practices, and make them safer overall.


Vermont yimby

VT YIMBY is an organized movement to push Vermont in a forward thinking, smart growth direction. They do this by advocating for high density development and affordability, challenging constituents to say, “Yes In My Backyard,” to new projects that will promote economic development in the state and in Burlington.