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Let’s Talk Progress is a speaker series about what Burlington could be–and how smart growth can help us get there. Join national and local expert speakers in a series of discussions about a brighter future for our city. 




SEPTEMBER 21, 2017  |  5-7PM  |  Burlington City Arts (BCA)

At our fourth talk we heard from Emily Talen, professor of Urbanism at the University of Chicago, about how to create equitable growth. Professor Talen is a national leader in Urban design and development and she will talk about the impact the built environment has on affordability and diversity in cities. She discussed strategies for accommodating density and encouraging walkable neighborhoods that are identifiable, serviced, diverse, and connected.

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What is Smart Growth?

Smart growth is a way to build cities, towns, and neighborhoods that are economically prosperous, socially equitable, and environmentally sustainable.  

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